Lush Dessertz sent me these lil cuties today!

These are their personal size brownies that you can even snug in your handbags. Check out the flavors below

Oaty Brownie

Gooey brownie topped with some sweet classic rolled oats. They gave a crunchiness to each bite!

Nutty Brownie

This had some roasted nuts on the topmost layer of the brownie. If you love nuts, you’ll love it!

Cheese Love

This was cheesy on the top center and nutty inside with some broken roasted cashew nuts.

Nutella Craze

This one’s my favourite cuz anything with nutella is love💁🏻‍♀️. Fair amount of nutella on top of the brownie was giving the brownie some extra sweetness and flavour.

I enjoyed these lil treats after a well deserved rest post-Iftar. Having them warm or in the room temperature gives you the best satisfaction.

Overall rating good😍

If you are a sweet junkie, craving for some varieties of brownies, definitely try out some beautiful flavours of brownies and more from LUSH DESSERTZ.

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with love,