One thing that I discovered this past year was podcasts! Yes, I was super late to the crowd, but better late than never.

Finding the best podcast apps might be a trouble but I always find these apps useful. I prefer using Google Podcast App as it has most of the podcasts that I look for.

Here are some Podcast Series by famous authors and speakers that always stay up in my favourites. I have linked them all below. Click on the topics to find them easily.

I love this author/motivational speaker. His books are one of my favorites and they always make my mind better after reading. When I was into podcasts, Robin Sharma is one of the top persons I’ve been searching for. He talks almost about everything and these podcasts mostly help me find solutions to many problems.

I first came across Jay Shetty in Facebook and the way he makes relationships statements, bringing positivity throughout the speech just inspired me. He gives the best relationship advices and thoughts on how to hustle better. Give this series a try, you’ll love it.

As we are too busy and distracted throughout our days, we always forget to learn about the world more and get to know about the things that we usually come across. I am no exception as I rarely read about them. So, I found this Podcast series which keeps me educated about the little things in this world. Hope this adds up a lil confetti to your knowledge stream as well.

Listening to something good, as soon as you wake up or while hustling on a busy schedule helps you boost and keeps you motivated. These 7 good minutes podcast series really does a good job being short and informative.

GaryVee is one of my favourite profiles in Instagram. The way he talks makes the content go in-deeper to his audiences. A good series for young entrepreneurs and those are striving to get their goals kicked off with victory.

Umm.. this is something I found out while I was highly depressed about all the unhealthy food that I’ve been consuming for ages. Sometimes, listening to a nutritionist and following them help you feel cleansed. Our bodies need to be cared at least once in a while.

Hope these series help y’all stay awake with good vibes while you are stuck at home during this lockdown periods. Getting used to something good will benefit us grow better after this pandemic is over.

I would love to hear more podcasts that actually help keeping us sane. Drop down more suggestions in the comments below.

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with love, Bushra