Stuck at home for over two month now and our foodie minds are always aroused to try out everything as much as possible with the very limited ingredients available at home.

I’ve been making Cappuccino using the foamy Instant Coffee for years and have uploaded a video in my YouTube as well. Click here if you wanna have a glimpse at it before diving into Dalgona Trend.

Dalgona is a whipped coffee which simply created using the instant coffee foam on top of cold fresh milk.

Alll you need is,

Instant Coffee : Sugar : Hot Water  in 1 : 1 : 1 ratio to create the foam. Use a beater to create the foam as quick as possible until the stiff peak is created.

Take a cup of milk and fill it with ice. Add few spoons of Coffee Foam on top of it. CLICK FOR THE GRAM 😉

Mix it and Drink it!

Here’s a video tutorial on my YouTube Channel to make it easier for you to follow the recipe without any doubts.

Hope Y’all enjoyed this recipe. Have a good day!

with love, Bushra