Chai / Milk Tea has always been a part of our lives especially as Asians. Having a hot and sweet chai with some biscuits/ buns during tea time gathered with the family is always heartwarming.

Making the best chai is an art and you need a little of practice and a lot of patience. Although in this automated world, making the chai from basics is mandatory for the best chai. Dipping a tea bag in a hot milk ain’t gonna give you the real flavours of the chai.

Masala chai has been my favorite ever since I tried it out first at an Indian Restaurant along with some delicious pav and paani pooris. Reading this itself can make you drool course I am drooling right now too🤤!

No worries, it ain’t hard to make a strong masala chai on your own. All you need is to get up and reach your kitchen, boil some water and follow my recipe.

Here’s my recipe to an easy Masala Chai

Hope y’all try this recipe out for a strong and sweet masala chai while you are quarantined at home!

Drop a DM on Instagram or drop a comment below if you tried this out. I always love hearing your feedback.

with love, Bushra 🖤