Culinary Craft by Raha at Villa Raha hosted me for their brunch and it really was a dreamy place with interior goals.

I had the pleasure of trying out few of their Instagrammy dishes and beverages. TBH, all their dishes are instagrammy as you can see.

Choosing mine out of their menu was a tough game and I’m in a dilemma if I played well or everyone wins the game.

The Mains


I have to admit that these are best pancakes I have had in a while in Colombo. Everything on this plate was lick-ably delicious. The super soft and fluffy pancakes with the sauces and creams along with the caramelized bananas were perfect for anyone craving a good pancake or a sweet dish. The chef’s got so serious plating skills too.


Heads off to this best bagel in town. This was so good and juicy with all the fillings that are crunchy and fresh to every bite. The flavourful chicken, avacado, cucumber slices, lettuce, cheese and juicy tomato with load of other flavours sandwiched between these super soft homemade bagels just licked my heart off.  If you are craving for good quality Bagels while you are in Colombo, this would be in my top 3 suggestions for you.


Iced Milo Dino

This was indeed a sweet treat to your sweet cravings with a touch of Lankan Milo cravings. This ain’t watery like the typical Iced Milo we find in other places. Here at Raha, this was so rich and thick like a milkshake topped with some OH GOOD vanilla ice cream and sweet whipped cream. Totally worth trying out as it’s so fulfilling.

Vit C – Sun pressed juice

This nicely presented shot of vitamin C is everything to beat the heat of Colombo and to reload your immunity with some rich vitamin C squeezed out of fresh fruits.

It was a great overall experience to have dined in at Culinary Craft by Raha at Villa Raha and I would always recommend this place for a great date while your taste-buds dance to the great flavours and the vibe.