Girls love gifts, especially from the people who are closer to them. Gifting is a great way to steal them for a while cause the surprise in it gives an oomph to the hearts. Unboxing gifts to reveal the hidden cutie always brings a smile on a girl’s face out of nowhere.

As a girl, I’m constantly asked for gift ideas from the guys at my uni, school and friend-list. I even find random DMs in my Instagram asking help to find this and that for a girl. So, I thought of writing off a blog post of all the possible gifts that any girl falls in love with. This necessarily doesn’t have to be the post for all the boys, because we girls always love gifting ourselves and our girlfriends, Mom, Sisters and aunts.

  1. Flowers
  2. Branded or Minimal Handbags
  3. Personalized Quote Frames / Mugs / Throw Pillows / Phone case
  4. A Polaroid Camera
  5. Girly or Motivational Books
  6. Cosmetics
  7. Perfumes
  8.  A cute little Coffee Maker
  9. Branded or Contemporary Footwear
  10. Watches
  11. Set of Bohemian Rings and Accessories
  12. A journal along with Markers
  13. Soft Toys
  14. A Buffet / High Tea Voucher for Two
  15. A candle light dinner

Aaaand definitely  there are more! Hope these were helpful for you to grab a gift for your girl. Let me know if this helped you surprise her.

with love, Bushra.