Having a hectic week is absolutely normal and everyone tend to go through that phase in life.

Let it be the work you do to live, the college exams, assignments and projects, clashes with fam, children or whatever it is or all of these; we all need to spare some time for ourselves and it is mandatory inorder to live the rest of our lives happily and healthy.

Here’s my 10 tips that are so common but worthy to catch-up with

  • Have a relaxed bath
  • Make or take yourself to coffee/date
  • Plan your next day before bed.
  • Make sure to change into comfortable outfits.
  • Listen to motivational podcasts.
  • Go for a makeover or pedicure.
  • Reorganize your room/workspace.
  • Go on a walk with some good music.
  • Start writing a journal.
  • Do your favourite therapy at least for 15 mins a day.

There’s more but I have included only the best 10 that actually works on me.