So, here’s my first ever Food Documentary for the year. I know y’all must be irritated by now watching lasts of 2018 and firsts of 2019 all over the internet. But, hope y’all love me so much, so that y’all won’t hate me for that🙈.

Coffee lovers must be knowing Italy’s famous Illy Coffee and their picturesque Instagram pictures of course. Guess what, they are now in Colombo City Center under Ilcaffe.

I was so lucky to be collaborating with Illy Coffee this year to try out their coffee and feature it on my little blog right here.

Here’s what I tried out from their coffee menu. They were absolutely super cool and the grounded coffee from Arabica Beans were super aromatic & soothing while sipping the cuppa.

Cappuccino : LKR 490

Hot Chocolate : LKR 650

Here’s their Coffee Menu with Illy Coffee.

Also try out the San Pellegrino – fresh fruit juices all the way from Italy.

I also got to try out Ilgelato desserts at Ilcaffe. Hands down to the best ever Nutella & Pistachio gelatos I’ve ever had in Sri Lanka.

The glasses of Gelato Layers along with the sweet whipped cream and chocolate syrup were AMAZING.

Their Chocolate Gelato felt so light and spongy like a chocolate mousse and my favourite out of all these delicious gelatos is the NUTELLA GELATO because why not. You actually get Nutella in it. Not just the flavour and hazelnuts, but the real Nutella and that’s so luscious.

I’m so pumped up with the lovely coffee and gelato boost to conquer this whole 2019.

Looking forward to do more and bring out more within myself and also into this blog as well. So, please keep following me and supporting me on my Instagram and WordPress as well.

with love, Bushra.