Everyone is blessed with different type of skin and we should never underestimate the uniqueness of them. Your skin is your pride.

Taking care of your skin is mandatory in today’s unpredictable weather patterns and polluted environment.

Most of the time, skin is sensitive for the changes in the weather and humidity. Mine reacts like a bomb in high humidity and also when the temperature is high. Hormonal changes play a major role as well.

Having an acne prone skin isn’t any shame to expose it without makeup and that’s what my entire life has taught me.

I hardly go for make-ups since I feel less comfortable while wearing layers of make-up. Bare face is always comfortable but still needs to be taken care of when it’s bare under sunlight & surrounded with pollution.

Choosing the products to take care of your face is so important in life and I normally love using anything natural or anything light. A moisturizer is all that I use right after a cleanse.

Here’s my most favourite moisturizer that I’ve been using for more than 6 months now. It’s nothing but the rose water.

I purchased it from Miniso Sri Lanka and it definitely comes in a lovely, compact spray bottle which makes my life easy.

I had to replace the sprayer from another de-branded rose water bottle I used earlier since the sprayer was quite narrow.

Why do I choose Rose Water as my toner?

  • It contains natural antioxidants.
  • Reduces redness & acne.
  • Keeps skin cool & hydrated.
  • Smells naturally amazing.
  • Softens skin with regular usage.
  • Sometimes it reduces headache.
  • Easy to use.
  • Not hard on skin.
  • Not greasy.

These are the reasons I’m still into rose water. It really gives me a positive vibe and this one from Miniso smells amazing.

If there’s any other brands you are already using, do let me know in the comments here or in my Instagram post.

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