As you probably saw on my Instagram, I was having a pretty cool lunch at Bowl’d Sri Lanka. They just launched this cute little spot couple of weeks ago and it’s hopping. They were hosting me with their beautifully curated bowls and the drinks.

Bowl’d is a healthy lifestyle restaurant which is bloomed to serve the healthy food cravings of Lankans. If you are eager to read their story, here’s the otherside of their menu talking all about their story and food.


I chose a vegan appetizer from their “hard to choose one” appetizer list and it was this cutie, Cauliflower Karage.

Cauliflower Karage is a Japanese fry that is marinated just like the chicken and it was perfectly done with a crispy outside and juicy & tender inside. Chilli mayo made me drool over this perfect appetizer. Trust me, this tasted like chicken, but it’s cauliflower.

Poké Bowls

Poké is a Hawaiian dish of diced raw fish served along with Sushi rice, Red rice or the Zucchini noodles.

I was recommended to have the Tangy Tuna Poké Bowl with sushi rice and believe me, it was my first time trying out raw fish.

This bowl was pretty interesting to dig in. Marinated tangy tuna dices, cucumber slices, passion fruit soy sauce, mango cubes, green chillies, onions, red cabbage, tobiko, panko, shredded seaweed and chilli mayonnaise along with the yummy sushi rice were bringing out the new combo flavours into me and I was thrilled about the fish.

‘Nana Bowls

The word Nana refers to many or multiple. A healthy smoothie bowl revolution which is dairy & gluten free. But filled with natural flavours. I tried out their Mango ‘Nana Bowl (LKR 650).

I would never say no to this smoothie bowl at Bowl’d.

Sweet mango pulp along with granola & coconut chips made this a lively treat. This made me realise, how cool, the life of YouTubers who opt themselves with healthy food all the time in their routine videos. I can have this for my whole life and be healthy as well 😏.


Frozen Cucumber Limeade was so refreshing, appetizing and giving a cool kick to the heat.

They serve the drinks so sexy in a glass with bamboo straws to live up to the Green Earth policy.