It’s a cute small restaurant with some catchy minimal interior that makes it look more modern and the restaurant comes with a beach space. The beach view from the restaurant was so pleasing and the waves, so soothing.

After going through their menu, we decided to order a starter, two mains and two beverages.

Fresh Melon Salad with Granny Smith Apple & Citrus Dressing (LKR440)

We ordered their signature salad as the starter and the look and the plating was deceiving and definitely it was Instagram worthy.

Generous amount of Apple & Watermelon were mixed with the Salad leaves and the Apple Cider vinegar was kinda overpowering the salad compared to the lemon juice.

The salad was too healthy to say no but we felt that it had way more salad leaves. Though, those leaves made the dish look picture perfect, they had a negative impact on the overall flavour.

Oven Roasted Chicken Double Cheese Melt (LKR980)

We ordered this main dish recommended by the chef and it was worth the try.

Cold fried rice was topped (almost covered) with a piece of boneless roasted chicken & the cheese melt. This dish was garnished with fried onions and pomegranate seeds which gave it an extra beauty and a touch of freshh flavour.

The chicken was well marinated and oven roasted. The flavour of the marination felt so good.

The rice was too oily and the soya sauce in it degraded its quality. Although, we couldn’t enjoy the rice much, the chicken and the cheese melt were heavenly good. The fruity touch in the rice was overwhelming.

Preferred having this on a plate rather than in a bowl.

The Seafood Burger

A juicy Seafood patty, Cucumber slices, Lettuce were sandwiched between soft buns.

Although, the burger looked minimal, the flavour of the patty and the texture of the bun made it worthwhile and we enjoyed having the burger. The best of what we had at Hashtag.

We really appreciate Hashtag’s take on plating as they are so Insta-worthy.

Banana & Peanut Butter Smoothie (LKR380)

We loved this twist. Both the banana & Peanut butter flavours were blended well and gave a refreshing touch to every sip.

Cappuccino (LKR440)

First impression: We were a little disappointed (even though we did have low expectations going in).

The cappuccino is covered in a ridiculous amount of giant bubbles. Microfoam be damned! It means, the silky milk foam which makes the cappuccino a cappuccino was missing. Tragedy!

Never mind, the coffee was perfect more like a latte & had quite good amount of coffee and milk to satisfy the caffeine cravings.

The Menu

The Ambience

We loved spending our lunch time here and we’d prefer evenings by the beach view tables, enjoying the yummy food & the sunset.

All the lights hanging up the ceiling & the cute artificial plants stacked on the wall were so satisfyingly insta-worthy.

We’d recomend you their smoothies and the mains!