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It’s super frustrating to think about the lack of diversity in the blogging industry in Sri Lanka. ⁣

I built my blog as a side hustle to co-op up with my boring state uni lifestyle and I actually started transforming my Instagram as platform to promote my blogging journey to drive more visitors to my blog. ⁣

As a Sri Lankan Blogger, it’s always frustrating that the term Influencer & Blogger are twisted together and everyone started calling themselves a Blogger 👀(no offense).⁣

I find it unfair, since Bloggers actually put more time into creating their Blog and posting more lengthy content in the Blog. They actually spend more time and money on the website (Host, Domain, etc) than Instagram Influencers. (PS : I respect the work of them)

A blogger shares content on its own website (called blog), but also uses social media to promote it.

So you can be a blogger & youtuber, or a blogger & instagrammer. (Extracted from web)⁣

As long as your platform is just Instagram, you are an Instagrammer or probably an influencer with the number of followers you’ve got.

That being said, there’s another huge problem in the industry in Sri Lanka – since there’s not much Bloggers in SL, everyone’s stuck into the narrow vision and all that they see is the very few, who started earlier before Instagram played with algorithm and stopped the growth of new comers. ⁣

The opportunity to work with brands is very low if you are a new comer but that’s not the only thing. Most of the people start comparing every New one with the few famous ones, even though you don’t actually look up and follow their path. ⁣

I believe that everyone should be given Equal opportunity in any industry, without comparisons. ⁣

Blogging in Sri Lanka feels like a monopolistic competition, although it should be other way around.

These things have to stop and the industry and the companies should actually learn to respect the diversity in every angle cuz we are all unique humans and we shouldn’t be cut down by the narrow minded comparisons.⁣


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