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We often come across a post or a video that we find interesting or useful but just the link doesn’t really work when you wanna share it to others.

So here are some ways that I actually use whenever I want to get that certain video or image to my phone gallery by downloading them. (make sure to not plagiarize though 😉 )

Download YouTube Videos

Step 01 : Go to the video that you want to download

Step 02 : Click the share icon & copy link to clipboard

Step 03 : Go to your browser & open up one of these links 

Step 04 : Paste the link that you copied in the relevant box in one of these websites

Step 05 : Proceed to download. 

Sometimes, you are allowed to choose the quality of the video to be downloaded.

Likewise, you can also download Instagram videos/posts as well following the same steps mentioned above by using the following links.

Hope this blog post helps you all those who wanted to know about downloading posts & videos.
All you gotta do is “GOOGLE😉”!

with love, Bushra



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