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As y’all know, I’m a big fan of comfortable footwears. I love the platform concept a lot and I search and find bunch of footwears over AliExpress shopping app.

I love AliExpress, because the service is very neat and reliable. Although it takes months to get the products delivered, I love ordering them and getting them on an unexpected day. It feels like I’m getting a gift pack although I know that I paid for it. The feeling is surreal.

I’m linking down the wedges and platform sandals in my AliExpress wishlist for y’all to make it easy to shop. Everything is under $20 and AliExpress converts the currency accordingly your geographic information and shows you in your currency as well as in the USD.

Here are my picks. Click on the pictures to make them yours via AliExpress.

US $9.19 – 10.62

US $18.20 – 19.57

US $13.80 – 14.28

US $13.80 – 15.35

US $9.20 – 10.14

US $11.17 – 11.77

US $12.43 – 14.42

US $12.99 – 14.99

US $6.93 – 17.01

US $6.93 – 17.01

Hope these help you find your favourite comfortable footwear. I’ll be listing more in the future. Some might have the shipping charges but you can totally turn off shipping and search similar ones in the AliExpress app/web.

If you ever purchase using my link, share the images once you get them on my Instagram DM/ Twitter, I’d be glad to see you all enjoying the benefits of my lil blogging corner over here.

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