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Villa Raha hosted me for their brunch and it really was a dreamy place with interior goals.

I had the pleasure of trying out few of their Instagrammy dishes and beverages.

The Mains


I have to admit that these are the best pancakes I have had in a while in Colombo. Everything on this plate was lick-ably delicious. The super soft and fluffy pancakes with the sauces and creams along with the caramelized bananas were perfect for anyone craving a good pancake or a sweet dish. The chef’s got some serious plating skills too.


This Bagel was to die for. Every teeny bit of it was flavorful, crazily yum and soft. Also, the portion was really big that won’t sometimes fit in your tiny mouth but don’t ever hesitate to go crazy by using hands. The avocado, smoked chicken, cheese and everything else made it a worthwhile meal. I loved it.


Iced Milo Dino

Vit C – Sun pressed juice

The beverages were adequately sweet and cold enough to beat the heat of Colombo. I enjoyed the Sun pressed Vit-c a lot cause it was light, sweet, sour and soothing with all the heavy meal I had consumed. 

KUDOS to Villa Raha- for the lively RAHA’ful moments and treats. I was humbled by the service and thanks for hosting me over for a tasting.

with love, Bushra


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